Weed grow operations for gangs

Firstly I think this would be great for both crims and cops and my idea of for it to be similar to gang sprays only O status gangs can plant/harvest and other gangs/cops can raid other gangs grow operations but only if 3 blooded members of that gang were in city. I would like there to be a cap on cops example 10cops allowed on scene 3 harvesters 7 defenders allowed on scene even if a shoot out happens, which would be encouraged RP. cops can try and cut deals with gangs to turn a blind eye for X amount of days/weeks in exchange for giving up the where abouts of other gangs grow operations. Also we should make it like a mission to build up to actually obtaining the growing materials. IE similar to boosting but a bigger cop response. The weed should also only be allowed to grow outdoors so that gangs can’t just hide it in a locked basement in the middle of nowhere.

Sorry for the poor literature im typing this up on phone.

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