VDM Attempt Detector

VDM happens frequently in PMA, some VDMers get caught some get away with it depending if they got seen/reported doing it or not. My idea is a fair solution that I am not sure if it is feasible or not, I believe its programming side related, but I will explain what I have in mind. My idea is a VDM Attempt Detector that once a person VDMs someone, the person who dies gets a yes/no pop-up that’s says “Was this Vehicle-Death RP related?”. Once the player clicks “No” the player who did it gets 2 weeks ban (for first time, perm ban for second time), also an automatic report will be sent to the staff team about the incident. If the option he chose was “Yes” then the one who VDMed won’t get anything bad happening to him as he VDMed based on a RP.
How will it expand RP:
Having this feature will rely on the player’s honesty, we don’t want them to always choose “yes”, because their friend was the one who VDMed, so being truthful is a big factor for this to work and having it implemented will discourage and highlight how critical VDM is in the server and can cover a staff’s job. I also thought of giving 2 chances to the VDMers as this server has a sweet touch of making you want to always come back for many reasons, but these chances are best left to the staff’s decision not mine.

That’s it for my suggestion, I hope it is feasible and it would be a cool addition to the server in my opinion, I thought of it based on my recent experience and I wish everyone in PMA to have the maximum fun in the city!

You are just assuming everyone who joins PMA is a vetted RPer and you want ppl getting auto banned from a yes or no question?