Store Robberies and bank robberies need change

So right now store robberies are simple all you need is a hostage 2 people and you get into the cash register easily. the idea I have is with the cash register you have like a slider kinda like how breaking cuffs work you get 3 tries and if you fuck up all 3 tries you can’t get in This will stop being able to hit and run stores back to back. now the safe will have a certain tool to get into like a hacking laptop but it’s set on a timer so they have to wait or have a matching hack system. Banks will have a hacking laptop to the vault it will also be a matching system you get 3 tries you fuck up and can’t go in the back but both systems for banks and stores will set an alarm off the second you touch the cash register or vault.


when they work, seems they don’t work more so then they do

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