Permanent tattoos

I joined the city not long ago and I love it here. But there are some things I wish could change for the sake of rp, realism and enjoyment.

  1. Temporary tattoos:
    I absolutely loooove tattoos, it’s a way to express yourself, make yourself a canvas and look unique. But when I found out that they are not permanent it made me so sad and disappointed. There are so many options yet I don’t want to put them on every single outfit that I have already made. I have come across so many people that told me they are disappointed in having to reapply the tattoos after spending hours on finding them. For me tattoos are permanent and should stay on no matter what unless i remove them myself.

  2. Tattoo menu:
    When I want to look at tattoos, I want to sit and chill and find something that fits me… but every time I click on one to see what it looks like, the whole menu closes and I have to reopen and find where I left off, over and over again. This took hours for just one arm.

  3. RP Reasons:
    It’s very unrealistic that tattoos come and go. In real life, getting tattoos and removing tattoos is expensive and takes a lot of time. Not only that, cops and civilians might use the tattoos as a way to identify people, how is it fair that they then can go and remove them all in just one click in the clothing store.
    What if I one day decide to get one more tattoo or a “drunk night out” tattoo, I’d have to go back and forth to put that one on all my outfits. That wastes a lot of time and effort.

In conclusion:
So my suggestion is, make them permanent for everyone’s sake and fix the tattoo menu from closing. Also I’d love to be able to save over my “Load outfit 1” at the clothing store because i have no tattoos on that one…

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