Pd 10-8/10-7 with robberies and drug runs

Suggestion: We need a better ruleset for all crim jobs. People will wait for all pd to show up just to have pd cuck them by not going 10-8 to allow the robbery to happen. This screws people over because they take 100% risk and get no reward because both the city and pd (really pd shouldn’t have to go 10-8 just for crimes but we have to let it play out and some officers count going 10-8 for scuff as corruption). This makes it so we as officers (at least for me) have no real reason to go 10-8 because why would I go 10-8 when the crimes cant commit crimes anyways? You basically have to wait for more than double the needed pd to do any of the robberies.
How will it expand RP: It will make it so Crims don’t get fucked over by the city and pd due to 10-7. It will also make pd feel like they are doing something and not just waiting for a robbery that doesn’t work.