Make criminal activities more lucrative. House Robberies, selling to locals

House robberies are dead at the moment in city, i recall the fun times of driving boxvilles away from police, fun stuff. I also think that what you receive from criminal activities is slightly low, if crims got a gem or two, maybe an impro armor, whatever the item may be, it would bring more rp all around than stealing items and bringing them to a local and pressing E to sell. Plus bringing back the rp of people breaking into houses in your neighborhood. (acting like your a moving company, etc.) (chances of resale to other players if items recieved were changed)

Selling drugs to locals is a waste and inconvenience than anything currently. (Accidentally sell heroin while buying a phone, going into bank, etc) . Would be nice if it was at least lucrative enough to want to tell a new member of a gang to give a certain amount and let him sell it as a foot soldier for gang. (Locals shoot at you sometimes, if you are selling drugs to locals you are risking your life, and any items on you, and going to jail for $400 dollars dirty money. ( most city jobs make more than that just on salary )

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