From Danny to Respect

Welcome to the great Los Santos Business Centre!

You’ll have the ability to select a set of clothing for free as you are flown in, make sure you are wearing things that make sense and don’t clip through the seams. The most important things are if you don’t want an undershirt, select the option 14 or 15 if you are female or male. If people see you with something that looks like a bib hanging from your neck, they will treat you like the baby you look like. Second thing is to make sure your arms match to your sleeves, if the arm models are too long, they might end up clipping through when your model moves.

The best way to check this is to ‘Flex’ your X, to lift up your arms. When you go to a clothing store again, you can lift your arms up before you activate the clothing menu. Or if you already got into the clothing store menu, you can use the fivem console with F8 then write ‘e handsup’

You can get a new set of clothing at the North East corner of the Business Centre on the 2nd floor.

Now that your clothing is dripped out, you’re not even close to looking like a respectable human being. With your baby smooth no-browed face, you are lucky you won’t be hunted down with torches and pitchforks. We still need you to get into the hair salon that you can find on the 2nd floor in the middle, for some facial reconstruction and eyebrows.

Just make sure you don’t have a default face and get yourself any set of eyebrows from the selection. The dark may look reddish when you are looking at it but it will look fine when you exit.

Now, you may no longer look like a “Danny” but do you sound like one? Or heaven forbid, you are deaf AND mute. Being mute can be gotten through the /me to write your words and actions in case you simply can’t get your voice to work, but you’ll end up in deep trouble if you cannot hear anyone.

Now first of all check your Voice Chat Settings that you have the right devices selected and the volume sliders filled. By default they might all be muted.

Sometimes you might lose sync with the voice chat server and you might not hear some people or others cannot hear you. To fix that some people might tell you to “take a cough drop”, meaning you need to toggle your voice chat settings OFF and ON again. Using the /vsync command might work as well. You might want to fiddle with the other audio settings to get the game sounds lower compared to speech, there is nothing more annoying than having sirens and engine sounds drowning out when you’re on the phone to your friend.

When figuring out your speech, be gentle with your voice as you don’t want to accidently blast people’s ears off when they are trying to help you set up.

Now do you Look and Sound good? Splendid, it is time to take up the world, you can go down to the 1st floor on the North East corner to the Hiring department and get a job. Being new to Los Santos you might want to do some garbage truck driving and head down Alta St or any other job available.

If you have trouble with strange textures check your graphics settings, place texture and other graphics qualities to normal. Empty the population sliders and increase the Extended Texture Budget slider until your video memory is on the edge of green and yellow

Now you can always try to steal a car but it’s not a very good way to make a first impression. Maybe try the /taxi command to send a message to available cab drivers and ask them for a ride and maybe some advice. They’ll get your number, message and your location where to pick you up and giving actual people a lift is usually what they’d love to do. Get some contacts and advice from these veterans of the city streets as working is quite lonely at times.