Cops Bullish SOP

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Cops will shoot out the gate if you jump in water. This is excessive use of LETHAL force. let alone excessive use of force. You can jump in the water and use your flashlight to detain and down a man but god forbid cops get their feet wet. This is extremely unrealistic to start off with as well as extremely off putting to anyone with no other options. Also the cops started pitting within 1 minute of the chase. Not exaggerating either. Simply because they knew the jump and didn’t want to risk losing the chase. This is by far the worst SOP and thing to do. And when i ask about how legit it was and if it was SOP. I get ridiculed and the cop starts with “if you wanna tell us how to do our job” when i literally just asked a question. Like?? This is extremely toxic and just allows the cops to shoot without having to give any chase. This is literally a 0 rp situation and just a shoot because we couldn’t be bothered to chase. Haven’t been to upset with pd at all. But when that happens, what can you do besides, well nothing. There should be more options for pd other than use the AR to fish a swimmer out of the water. How is that in any fashion RP

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SOP needs changed and updated in multiple fields. This is just the main one that is detrimental to any crim thats starting out, isn’t a god tier driver and or doesn’t have an entire gang to help bail them out of bad situations. Cops should have to jump in the water and detain them, use communication to get units ahead of the criminal. As well, lethal force should ALWAYS be a last resort, never the first answer. Pitting and going hard because you know they’re hitting a jump you suck at should also not happen. Cops aren’t expected to get better and grow in ability. But criminals are. If a cop loses a chase, they lose nothing. If a criminal loses a chase, they have a lot to lose. Time and money.