Common issues Support

Gathering common things people have had issues.

Connection Issues

Discord must be running error

  • Close FiveM and restart Discord
  • Reinstall Discord

Stuck in downloading or mounting assets

  • Restart your Computer
  • Clear you game Cache by opening the folder location of FiveM.exe, go to Application Data and delete all the folders with the word cache
  • Sometimes restarting your Router might help

Graphics issues

Roads looking weird
Falling through the world

  • Go to the Settings, Graphics and lower the different texture qualities to normal. Increase Extended Texture Budget to the limit when video memory at the top turn from green to yellow
  • Advanced Graphics, turn Extended Distance Scaling to 0

Cant see shop or trunk inventories

  • Set Screen and Game resolution to 1920 x 1080

Missing indoors textures and/or your character has default appearance

  • Simply stand still and wait. Might take even 15 minutes for all the textures to render properly due to some error, once they load in, they usually work after that.


Can’t get out of vehicle

  • Make sure your vehicle isn’t locked [L] and your seatbelt is off [Y]

Stuck/Dead inside apartment, inside the ground or other weird place where normal people can’t save you from

  • Go to General Inquiries Ticket Fill up the ticket with what happened and get your player ID while in game by using the /id command. If for some reason you can’t get your [T] to work, you can press F8 and just type ID in there

Can’t open Civilian menu, typing or other things.

  • Usually due to inventory messing up and thinking it’s open. Simply open your inventory with F2.
  • You can try F8 to see if there is any other errors keeping things from working like a sticky note

Cannot move and no one can move you by carrying

  • Relog

Vehicles in you are in start flying around randomly

  • Relog

Phone issues

  • You can try in F8 to type phone:restart
  • Relog

Object stuck to your hands

  • Type command /stickyhands
  • Relog

Newly bought car not appearing

  • Check the public garages, the vehicle was sent there if it didn’t show up after successful purchase