Cars in the PMA Shop and in the city should all show what Class they belong in.

This would make things way easier to classify certain vehicles in specific groups to make choosing vehicles easier, make organizing races a lot easier and even, it would give people kinda a base idea on how fast the car could essentially go as far as top speed instead of guessing on if the car is fast or not(for example I bought an R32 from the shop, the car only goes about 100 top speed not upgraded and when its fully upgraded it goes about 110. there are local cars that are beaters that go faster then the R32, hell even the garbage truck can sometimes get over 100 mph. there should definitely be some rework to the speed and classification of cars and motorcycles in the PMA shop and some of the ones at PDM that would go a long way since having to pay $50 for a car that you can all agree goes a lot faster than 110 mph. the race scene which there hardly is one would benefit from it because they could put up a race and title it Class A cars only or something like that. Boosting cars would be a lot more fun too instead of getting the same 10 cars over and over again when in B Class and give a lot more variety as far as vehicles you can boost. I could go for hours on ways to make boosting better but thats for another topic.