Boosting and Improvements

Suggestion: Should typically be between 100-150 words and be as detailed as possible
How will it expand RP: How will this idea/feature help expand the RP of multiple players?

I recommend making boosted cars last significantly longer and have more options as to what you can do with the cars and the app. I boosted a B class truck. Nothing special but it looked real dope. But when I took it out for the first time and customized the exterior. I lost the car by the time I was done. Boosted cars should work like that possibly, but i’m suggesting to make a way you can keep the car in your possession until you have it taken away from the police. If you boost a B class or above and want to keep it for personal use, like daily driving. You should have to the option to and risk being chased and have your car taken from the police. My reason for this is because you’re very unlikely to use a B class in crime or a getaway. You’re even more unlikely to get away while using a B class because the cops will pit and outrun you. And if you try any plan using a car swap, they shoot tires. So B class cars that are boosted would be best used for a daily drive. This makes cops more motivated to do traffic stops and or to check the license plate to see if a car is stolen or see if you’re the owner of said vehicle. There should also be a way you can either sell, trade or scrap cars once you have boosted them. This could increase crim RP and give options to criminal businesses to pop up like a chop shop or if possible, to sell and deal in boosted cars. Also crims could seek out certain cars in contracts. But pay another gang or group to boost the car for them and be able to acquire it even if they didn’t start the contract. Increasing RP in crims by making cross group cooperation and different ways to earn or spend money while boosting. Increasing the amount of people who may get into it for more reasons than they XP. Also make it to where a entire group could be part of the same boost. So if you have 4 people doing the boost. Anyone can hack, but whoever started the boost gets the car and can handle what to do with it after. Or that way the people who help with a boost can get some XP. Otherwise you can help out in a boost but you get absolutely nothing in return. You should have more options around boosting. It could use some love to improve it for the better. Giving both cops and crims more to do and to give boosting more meaning and substance.