Whitelisting Improvements/Ideas

Suggestion: Create an app on your phone where you can give whitelisting to new employees, change existing whitelisting ranks or even fire them. Also being able to fire people that aren’t clocked in but are your employees because currently, you NEED them to clock in and be in the city to be able to fire them.

How will it expand RP: Will make whitelisting easier for existing and for upcoming business owners managing their employee’s whether they need to promote or fire them if they aren’t doing their jobs anymore since people could hold their whitelisting hostage by not wanting to clock in at all for us to take it off and mess with the business for future cases or abuse it. Having to call people to the job center, asking them to clock in, and waiting for 10-15 minutes for us to see it in the whitelisting just makes it a very annoying process if you’re dealing with a lot of employees.

This will require a dev to code and script the ability onto the phone.

The suggestion will be put into advisement.

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