Weed Door causing Tow Truck to corrupt

Tow Truck job becomes a bit corrupt after interaction with the weed door

Unfortunately i got some leafs this time around during recording, but other times i haven’t gotten any from the door: i have not been able to interact with the vehicles once in tow when trying to drop it at impound lot, as well as everything in this video, and my cellphone also gets stuck

The job dots persist on map and with alert messages even after someone forced it off me with admin

Video is showing the change-jobs bug and door overwriting the messages and alerts, can try to get one with no leaf’s again to 100% be sure about the in-tow issue.

I can try to reproduce further if needed. Also can not cancel the job with U due to cellphone but i assume thats customizable too on my side if not yours

The only solution(s) were headpop, and changing off of tow job before a headpop. Happened a few times as well for me before i realized the correlation.