Weed -> Bags Last one fails

Description of the Issue: When storing weed in bags, the last 1/2 fails
Expected Results: 60 bags + 60 weed = 60 bagged weed w/ no leftovers
Actual Results: 58 or 59 bagged weed 1 or 2 leftover bags and weed the leftover weed/bags is unusable and /fixinv removes

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Put 60 bags on hotbar 5
  2. Click 5 x60 times
  3. Cry every blunt counts!

Sounds like an inventory bug that might be getting fixed next restart

This is still broken… I tried 1 weed 1 bag two different times both times the bag disappears but the weed stays there but no bag of weed though. Then I used two bags two weed and it used both bags 1 weed and left me with 1 bag of weed. The behaviour did change in that before it left me with the bag and the weed which were both unusable and would be cleaned up with /fixinv, now the weed is viable weed that gets left over.

Sorry for the delayed response, is this still a issue

I’ll check today and will update