Water bottles bugging

Description of the Issue: Dropping water bottles
Expected Results: Water bottles get dropped on the floor
Actual Results: Say “Action impossible, invalid quantity”. Then when I open my pocket, it appears again.
Steps to Reproduce: No idea yet =/ and I’m stucked wt 47 water bottles in my pocket.
Heres the video: https://medal.tv/clips/69964882/d1337gchEb01?invite=cr-MSx4UkUsMTIzNDgzNjIs

So i popped my head and the one in my pocket is all gone. But earlier when i put in storage, they duplicated the water bottle so i dropped 94 bottles (47x2 cz i tried it twice before i realized it) on the floor and i kept my original 47 bottles. THought i might let u guys know, i dont wanna get waxed for dupping water bottles lol. So its all resolved and you can close this if you want. Thank you