[WAITING] Weed Growth Broken

Description of the Issue: Planting weed is very buggy
Expected Results: Weed is planted in a pot in the ground and eventually grows
Actual Results: Weed is only sometimes visibly planted on the ground, but when it does, it rarely needs tending to get to stage 2, therefore many of the plants are stuck at stage 1. Even the plants that reach stage 2 refuse to fully grow.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Plant Weed (if you are lucky enough to visibly see it after)
  2. Wait
  3. See if it grows to stage 2, then it will be stuck there.

Thanks for the bug report, weed has always had its ‘issues’ , it’ll likely just receive a complete rewrite again to fix all of the issues in one go.

The current system uses new way of syncing data from server → client, but wasn’t really fit for this use case.