[WAITING] Exceeding maximum carry capacity

Description of the Issue: I was able to exceed maximum pocket inventory. My pocket inventory isn’t updated until I close it.
Expected Results: Incapable of exceeding 150 carry capacity in my pockets
Actual Results: Able to reach 500/150 carry capacity
Steps to Reproduce:
Example, I had 100 fuel on me, leaving 50 space left. If I split a total of 400 into stacks of 50 within my trunk, i’m then able to move those stacks (one at a time) into my pockets as long as I don’t close my trunk/inventory. I would then be at 500/150 inventory. Furthermore, I could use a crafting bench to produce something like coal.

Weird, there’s a server side check that’s supposed to prevent this

@Chris Can you take a look into this

I’m not sure if it’s still an issue.