[WAITING] Casino Chips Vehicle Inventory Bug

Description of the Issue: When taking money out of an ATM and buying Casino Chips, all of the purchased Casino Chips would appear in your inventory. If you decide to not sell your chips back to the casino and decide you’re going to store it somewhere once you store its impossible to take it back from the placed you stored. Ex. I stored 200k worth of Casino chips in my Guardian, I decided to give it to someone else but it seems like they couldn’t take if out because “your inventory is full”. We tried to decrease the quantity to see if it was a weight issue but it was not. ~ ( I went on to do further research to determine that 64 casino chips is that max I can transfer my Guardian in which I initially put it. I tried to go above 64 but it would always say “Over Capacity” Its weird because you can actually carry more than that when you buy chips not when you store and attempt to take out from a vehicle storage.) ~

Expected Results: The expected results is to take the casino chips I stored either in my vehicle or maybe from my house and put it into my inventory without having an indicator telling my my inventory is full when casino chips have no weight quantity.

Actual Results: The actual results is that whatever quantity you have regardless of chips will not transfer from the storage the vehicle to your inventory, the max amount that I had the ability to take out was a max of 64 casino chips.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Buy Chips store it into a vehicle and then attempt to to take it out from the storage you put it in.
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This is waiting on @Chris to fix.

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