Vehicles for jobs

Using personal Semi-trucks and a purchasable trailer would make doing jobs more diverse and realistic. For jobs like lumber, it doesn’t really make sense how those boards would fit in that box truck. It would make more sense to be in a flatbed or a big trailer as it would IRL. Most goods like Boards are transported on 18-wheelers, not in a box truck. It would give people more incentive to spend their money on diverse vehicles like a semi-truck and it wouldn’t be the same boring generic truck that is given to you at the lumber yard. This would expand what you see being used and being purchased. This could add rp over who has a dope-ass semi-truck. You would see more diversity in the vehicles on the road giving a more immersive experience. Please consider this suggestion I would love to see more diversity. It gets boring and ruins immersion to see the same truck over and over.


I agree. I purchased the “bchauler”. Love the look of the truck. Adds diversity and fun to the game. Its capable of hooking up to a trailer to do work, yet they don’t allow it to be used for any jobs? It doesn’t make sense. I Hope they consider this suggestion. There are a lot of people who would like to use their own personal vehicles for work as long as its within reason for that specific job. People willing to invest money in buying a truck for the server, either in game money or IRL money should have a right to use it.

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