Updating Racing / Racing App

I would like to see major work done to the racing app in the city. The max checkpoint size could be doubled to make both lanes of a highway raceable, reducing clutter and pitting. Also it would be best to have a way to save a race you make quickly. That way you can rerun that race anytime at a push of a button or change what track you are running in a convenient way. This makes plotting races worth it as you only have to do it once and it will make it more accessable to most people. This will open up an entire scene of racing, competitions, rivalry and cash prizes. You would just open your app up and pick a track you already plotted out and start it up. The app now doesn’t enable that, and if it does it isn’t user friendly in that manner. More RP for civs/crims, as well as something new for cops to investigate and respond to. A underground scene could emerge and it could bring alot of great changes to NOS and cars in the server.

This comes from a personal run in I had Trying to start a racing scene by plotting out a few different races to run over time. The app doesn’t really enable a racing scene to pop up without a ton of effort on the race makers side with little reward other than finishing the race.