Twitter phone rework

Suggestion: Phone rework to prevent over doing retweets. Some groups of people if they have beef with someone, they will retweet other peoples posts, just to bury that persons tweet.
It gets annoying because you see silly retweets of “check out this foot” “look at this dog” When people are trying to tweet serious things such as business related or even calling out to friends for help. If we could get it to show how many hearts (likes) a tweet has or even show at bottom how many retweets without the retweets actually appearing.

Limiting the retweets will expand RP because it will get rid of the silly banter that wasn’t even thought through. It will make people think more about their posts and have to actually RP out getting their stories retweeted. This would also help with lag related to all the images being retweeted.


i agree with this i dont like and i dont think its necessary to have retweets like this people abuse it for example we see many spams about an add that its annoying some times so +1 for me


I absolutely agree that retweets are just a crazy spam. Sometimes people run around and ask to be retweeted and you end up scrolling through whole twitter to find 25 same messages which pushes away more important information such as if any businesses are open, what your friends actually do and etc. I would even suggest to remove retweet in general and leave “replay” as well as “like” options only. Like is enough to show how many people enjoy the message.