Trunks Someone in them/not close enough Scuffs

The last 2-3 days we have been having a lot of issues with Trunks. and being a delivery service that is bad… we keep getting messages that someone is in the trunk but it still opens and then eventually it just breaks… or it tells us we arent close enough to the trunk …

First one doesn’t look like a issue, some vehicles have their actual hit box for opening the trunk, at the trunk, while other ones don’t.

As for the big truck I would assume this would be kind of expected, it goes to the middle of the vehicle when there is no ‘boot’ bone.

The issue is that I just pulled that car out of the garage went inside grabbed something went back and it gave me the someone is in the trunk message and this was within 15 min after the tsunami.

The other issue is we are having multiple trucks locking people out daily without anyone crashing while being in the trunk. and we are getting the messag that someone is in the trunk or you are not close enough to the trunk even if you are standing at the trunk.

The benson (Big Truck) was always open at the panels in front of the back tire… the last few days its been random places around the truck.

I have never seen the not close enough to the trunk message til recently so if that was something added it may be what is causing the other issues.

I understand if you crash while in the trunk… but opening it to put stuff in and then opening it to put more in … like 400 food items for a delivery and somewhere along the way it just breaks and says someone is in it… it kinda screws us over and the resturant we are delivering ingredients for.

I wouldnt be submitting this if it wasnt clearly an issue that needs to be brought up… its not a I dont like something that changed complaint… it is something changed and now things are broken report.

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like wise to pnguin. multiple people including pd havent had access to their trunks for a couple days now. i was doing a mining run and my trunk was working fine then all the sudden i couldnt access it. i tried everything. swapping, popping my head, trying to access my trunk in every angle, other people cant access it either. " someone is already inside the trunk." when no one is in it. not a big deal for now but i mean its gonna suck for people who spend like an hour doing a mining run or something and they cant sell their stuff. or when im in pd and i cant access my weapons inside my pd vehicle. its not the fact that im doing it wrong, its genuinely scuffed and needs to be fixed.

Change Log looks like they identified the issue and fixed it … hopefully

For some reason, the patch actually scuffed the trunk on my Vigero as I could access it before but not now. Trunks on other cars like taxis seem to work fine.