Tolk suggestion

Suggestion: add a Job named tolk that way we can rp that a person that doesn’t speak English and understand it needs a tolk in some situations to translate what the person is saying to others and what the others are saying to him add like a app on the phone to it aswell to notify online tolks it gives us a chance to invite non English people
How will it expand RP: it gives people out of other countries to join and rp with us with the press of a app on the phone and there can be tolks online to help with different languages

The main issue is we only want to bring in English-speaking players. Having this is a somewhat ‘pass through’ would still lead to sub-par RP from the people who can’t speak English.

We’re an English-speaking community so if other people want to join they should also be able to speak English, otherwise there are countless other communities for other languages.

i know that but it would be awesome to try that since then theres one more job that could be whitelisted for this idk if thats possible though just lemme know what you think

Please refer to the previous response, we’re an English community so we expect members to be able to speak at least enough English to hold a conversation.