Tokemak's Guide to Cooking Meth (NOT A REAL WORLD REPRESENTATION)

Suggestion: Change the way meth is made/obtained.

Step 1: Meth Lab Components

Meth Lab components are used by Meth Dealers or Meth Cookers.
They can produce large quantities of meth by using legal, over-the-counter products.
There are many product that are used in the creation of Meth.
The list below will state legal product that you can easily buy to create meth.

  • Ammonia (House Cleaning Products)
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Lighter Fluid
  • Pseudoephedrine or Ephedrine
  • Ethyl Ether (Starting Fluid)
  • Laboratory Glassware
  • Coffee Filters

These are NOT in an exact order.
These are NOT the only products that can be used.
These are products that are used in the creation of meth.
Most of these products can be purchased at any local cleaning store.

Step 2: Meth Lab Components Explained.

Meth is created with the products above, but all products have to be placed together in a curtain order.
Each component reacts differently to the other.
The process used to create the meth based on the combination of those products while ensuring mistakes aren’t made.

Ammonia - Cleaning products, can be found in cleaners such as Windex, Pledge, Lysol or sold as Ammonia in stores.

Lithium Batteries - Found in Batteries, are widely used in portable consumer electronic devices.

Lighter Fluid - Or any Gasoline is used as a solvent

Ephedrine or pseudoephedrine - This is Cold/Flu/Sinus medicine

Ethyl Ether - Found in Starter Fluid, volatile, flammable liquid which is used to aid the starting of internal combustion engines

Laboratory Glassware - Used to sperate and contain the different mixtures as well as heat and mix the mixtures together.

Coffee Filters - Used to separate the pure meth from the solvent as well as separating pure Pseudoephedrine or Ephedrine from the medicine they are contained in.

These are the products used in the production of Meth

Step 3: Creating Meth from Components

This is a step by step process.
Multiple process can happen at the same time to come together.
Once all ingredients are combined, the mixture has to settle to be extracted.

  • Step 1: Extracting Pseudoephedrine or Ephedrine

Cold/Flu/Sinus medicine is mixed with Ammonia and Lithium.
-This mixture is blended and shaken until the Pseudoephedrine or Ephedrine is settled.
-The mixture is then poured over a coffee filter to extract the powder that is pure Pseudoephedrine or Ephedrine

  • Step 2: Mixing the Acid Solvent Solution

Lighter Fluid or Gasoline is mixed with Starter Fluid or Ethyl Ether.
-This mixture is mixed and heated slowly.
-This can be very explosive and volatile if not mixed and heated correctly.

  • Step 3: Mixing the Pseudoephedrine and the Solvent Solution

-Using Laboratory Glassware the pure Pseudoephedrine is mixed with the heated Solvent Solution.
-Once mixed the solution is finally settles until the Methamphetamine separates from the Solvent Solution.

  • Step 4: Extracting the Methamphetamine

-Methamphetamine separated from the Solvent Solution is poured through a filter to leave behind the Pure Methamphetamine
-This Pure Methamphetamine is then poured onto a cooking sheet and placed in a cooler to chill.
-Once the Pure Methamphetamine has a glossy, glass like sheen, it is broken up into small grams and placed into bags.

Step 4: Meth Containment

Meth that is still being cooled must stay in at least temperatures of around 46.4 °F
Once Meth is broken apart and placed in bags it can last for at least 18 months from date of production.

Pure Methamphetamine can be easily made by household items and products although it is dangerous the drug became very popular in communities for its effect given to those who use the drug.
Pure Methamphetamine gives the user an high level of artificial dopamine.
Dopamine plays a role in how we feel pleasure.
It’s a big part of our unique human ability to think and plan.
Artificial dopamine gives the user a burst of pleasure and once the user has loss the effect the body looks for anything that can cause that same pleasure again, which can lead the user to go through withdraws.

Final Thoughts

This has been my Step-by-Step guide on how to make Meth!

All research was done online and through videos describing a specific type of way to make meth.

This guide is NOT to be used for an other purpose then to describe the creation based on and used in the GTA world.

Any use of this guide to create the drug on your own is done at your own risk and I accept NO responsibility in the use of this guide for your own benefits or experiments.

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where can i find drugs at in the city?

RP 2 FIND OUT. This is not the place for that.