Tires Pop Very Easily During Races

Its seems to be obvious that tires pop very easily during races. Hitting almost anything seems to automatically pop your tires. I have witnessed on many occasions were most of the races have multiple tires popped at the end of a race. Its understandable with a bullet popping a tire but when locals pull out in front of your vehicle during a race and you hit them, tires pop, sometimes more than one. We are working on growing the racing scene on the server and this little issue can deter a lot of people from participating. Last race a was apart of a few people decided to DNF due to many tires popped.

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The main issue with adjusting this is balancing vehicles.

Tires popping plays a pretty important role in balancing what speed you will go.

If we ended up deciding to do this we would need to have something to counter balance it (say going above 170-180 is a guaranteed way to fly out the window) or something along those lines.

Fly out window + Increased damage to internal vehicle parts to make mechanic visits more necessary might work.