There should be no limit of players for a gun fight

So in this server there is a limit of players that are allow to be in a gunfight. Im sure others do agree when i say this but if you are trying to beef with a gang with large amount of numbers. That gang or any other gang in general, can come with as any amount of members they want. If you don’t want to fight more than 5 people you should not be trying to start IC problems with that gang or group. This server is really good when it comes to being realistic and roleplaying, but one day i was getting chase by PD and it was like 10 of them and only 4 of us. So if we wanted to shoot it out, we will most likely lose the fight cus our limit is 5.

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I believe keeping the cap at 5 for gang fights keeps it interesting. Obv if one gang has 10 people and the other only has 4 online they’re going to be steamrolled. However you can use up to 10 people while defending your gang turf (speaking for scripted gangs) IF both parties agree to it.

yeah but if you don’t want to fight a gang that has bigger numbers that all IC. This shows whos more dominant in the server. More realistic if doesn’t have a limit. PD comes with like 8 cars how can we fight that?

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I could see this working within the gang dynamic. But do you really think a gang could take on the entire police force irl? Cops should basically always have an advantage realistically. It do stink getting excluded though from situations because there is a cap. I think it would make sense to just implement a ratio rule, like 2v1 is ok but 3v1 is not and such. idk though since I havent done gang gang stuffs