Tackling - Being able to push someone onto the ground by tackling them

I think there should be a way for you to tackle somebody, Why you ask? Because when in a chase you can’t really just taser them 5 times for them to fall and hit the ground so you could cuff them, Furthermore the tasing method of catching a criminal is kinda just not a good roleplay act, It gives no way for the criminal to get away, Meaning it would be as fun as it should be. So adding a tackling effect would be awesome, So the way it would work would be that you would get up close and flex the muscle to tackle the criminal and hope you get lucky and that you tackled him to the floor if they do get tackled another officer or the officer that tackled him should be able to cuff the criminal.

This would make the whole RP scenery for getting in a 10-70 way more fun, Meaning it would make the criminals do a foot chase more often than trying to get away really hard.

This being added would intrigue more people into getting into the criminal and cop sides.

This isn’t something we’re interested in seeing added back into the city, this was something that Police had prior and was abused horribly.

Also at this point, if one side were to get it, both would, and this has been abused in other communities (notably NoPixel). A feature that’s easily abusable is just generally not a good idea.