South Vespucci Beach Garage Delayed Car Spawn

Description of the Issue: In the garage that is south of Vespucci Beach (On Magellan Avenue) there is a delay sometimes when pulling out vehicles. It’s very similar to the old vehicle garage delay that the city used to have when people would try to pull out their cars and it would not come out and then a few minutes later they would get teleported back to the garage with the vehicle.
Expected Results: Pull out a car and it get’s spawned
Actual Results: Pull out a car and have to wait a few minutes until it randomly pops out.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Try to spawn a car
  2. Doesn’t spawn and you wait a few minutes
  3. Car spawns and teleports you to the garage.

Might just be a normal issue that can’t really be fixed as its waiting for the model to exist for you, I can add some debugging for it but if you already have a bunch of downloads queued, it wont really matter as it has to wait for the stream queue to go down.

I’m not really sure if it has anything to do with waiting for the model to exist for me, the only garage that I have this issue with is that specific one, all the other garages work fine, also I’m not the only one with the same issue with that garage

It can’t really be area-specific unless said area just has a lot of vehicles in it already, so there’s not really much that can be fixed here either way.