Slowing Down Vehicles

Suggestion: Slowing down the top speed of vehicles. Its fairly unrealistic to be going 200-300 in most of these cars. Also the possibility of a racing app rework, the large glowing markers in front of your eyes are unrealistic and it instead show the course on the GPS.

How it will expand RP: A more realistic and fun way of driving will hopefully help to kickstart the racing scene which many people are working on creating. Also the slower vehicles should create escapes with PD to be more fun. With the slow down of all civ vehicles cops can hopefully too get out of corvettes which just seems silly.


I think this is in the works, but there’s so much cars, and so few people to work on them. So we’ll get there eventualy.

Some recent races are placing restrictions on what you can drive. Under $200k PDM vehicles. Things like that to keep it interesting.

There’s already been a lot of talks about reducing vehicle speeds, and some stuff is already in the works for this, though I can’t say much else currently.

Yea like the imports they should go like 190-230 max and also the acceleration should be put down a notch.

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