Sex Worker Suggestion

Suggestion: Adding in professions dealing with sexual activity would be a great way to enhance the experience in RP. The added professions would be strippers and prostitutes which can be added on to with more professions such as strip club and brothel managers. A new “muscle” can be added to control poses and positions along with clothing removal. Prostitutes can work in an organized workplace, or by themselves in their domains, or their customers’.

How will it expand RP: Yes, this is a more taboo thing of dealing with and it will be challenging to come up with rules dealing with all of these situations however other servers have this experience in and I don’t see why this would be a bad idea. Sex workers are popping up more and more in the real world and it’s becoming less of a taboo thing in our culture and becoming heavily normalized. Adding in these things into RP will allow a more realistic aspect into the city.

Both of these things are something that’s already currently able to be done in the city though. There are male models who have muscles and female models who have stripper attire. It’s all a matter of them wanting to do it and actually doing it. Which is, as always, a character’s personal choice.

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