Sex animations to make erp easier and more realistic

This really speaks for all the people who like to do sexual Roleplay, I feel like instead of mixing multiple emotes to have sexual motion in city we should have the shared emotes that you can put in the city. Sex wouldn’t be so awkward and we wouldn’t have to spend time aligning the emotes to have good sex motion. And with the sex emotes you can send a invitation and they can accept it and they would have to anything but just do the moaning they people would have to keep typing emotes over and over again. Plus its more realistic to have shared sex animations and I know the time and effort the pma team puts into the city to keep it realistic. Overall implementing them into the city would make and keep Sexual Roleplay easier and more realistic

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This would end up with weird forced sex ect because of how the shared animation system works where you can force people to do emotes.

Also poor staff looking at logs.

“Poor staff looking at logs”
Psht, they’d love it xD