Server Suggestion

Suggestion: Quite simple. Add a second server. Reason for this is obvious. The queue time is unrealistic. You run a server for immersion/realism… But waiting 5-6 hours to fly in in the evening without being extorted to pay 30 dollars minimum isn’t realistic at all. Adding a second server would be simple, and can use the exact copy of what’s already running… As well as sharing a database for login. All it requires is a secondary Name… Such as PMA-RP Server 2.
How will it expand RP: How? Easy… More users will have the ability to be able to get in city daily… This causes two things:

1: More user interaction across servers. Rules would be simple, keep em the same… Just add one rule: “Alongside combat-logging and evasions, users cannot switch servers merely to evade arrest/combat with other players/to avoid RP situations”
2: It’ll increase income from servers overall. Two options to pull this off:
-Create a secondary subscription payment, adding secondary subscription status into the database recognized by server 1 or 2.
-Change subscription status name in server 2’s database to different subsection name.

Point being, waiting 5 hours is unrealistic, and makes people more haughty for not having to wait because they’re “rich”, or more angry having to wait. In the end, it’ll cost more without fixing the queue problem. It’s realistically the biggest issue that needs to be addressed, and should have been obvious by this point.

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