Selling Meth and Cocaine, but Weed is different (NOT A REAL WORLD REPRESENTATION)


Make selling weed the same as other drugs.
(The weed needs to be in a bag to sell and not loose)

When people sell meth and cocaine it has to be broken down from a brick into bags…why is weed different?
Weed just can be sold as soon as it is broke down from the leaves.
This should be changed.
Weed should need to be placed into bags before being sold on the street.

At this point when you have 1g-weed you can do several things with it without hindering your chance to do another.

  1. you can roll the weed up and smoke it.
  2. you can sell it to locals.
  3. you can put it in bags and sell it to the pawn shop

The last thing on that list should not exist.
We should not be selling bags of weed to a pawn shop but selling 1g of NON bagged weed to locals on the street.
(this does not make immersion sense)

How will it expand RP:

With this change to how weed is sold to locals and the Reputation change that I have also suggested. “NEW Drug Selling (Reputation Based)
This would allow civs and crims a more passive feel when selling drugs.

Selling bags of pot to locals is more realistic and immersive than baggin up weed to sell at a Press (E) here at the pawn shop.

Having to put the weed in bags to sell means you are having to make a CHOICE.

1.use papers on the 1g-weed for a blunt
2.use the bag on the 1g-weed to sell it.

It gives each player an option rather than a either or.
Once you use the paper or the bag you can’t go back.

Having the 1g-weed givers the player more options to do something rather than just collect alot of 1g-weed bag it and sell it to the pawn shop for quick cash.

That is currently the META for weed.

People just collect it from the door, bag it up, and sell it to the pawnshop. EZ CLAP.

This system change with the drug selling
NEW Drug Selling (Reputation Based)

And the way weed is sold will create an overall better RP immersive experience with players who;

  1. are learning to sell.
  2. hired by gangs to sell
  3. passively selling.
  4. Stop META