See the world through your eyes for a day

Suggestion: I think that there should be at least one day that everyone can only see out of their eyes and see how it goes maybe a monthly event or something but at least one day.
How will it expand RP: Give people a different outlook on the city and honestly would be an insanely immersive day and fun honestly.


I’d be down for this, though I feel that there would be a lot of backlash for it, so it likely wouldn’t happen for another 1-2 months (after the big gang release dies down)

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I asked around and sadly yes the blacklash doesnt look good but at the same time it was kind of a 50/50 thing cause there was also alot of people that liked it.

Being forced to see from the eyes, would be a much more immersive and interesting experience. And it’s something I don’t see often. I’d take a step further to say that we should do that as an event more often. One thing I’ve noticed when playing is no one ever tries using First Person View, and the truth is, why would they right now when there is such an advantage not to? It’s a cool idea, and I’d love to see it happen sometime.

The only issue with this would be the unnatural stances you take while looking through your eyes. If your able to fix this, I honestly would not mind taking part in this.