Sandy Shores Improvements

Suggestion: Was wondering if we would be able to have metal detecting added to sandy shores? (inside this red area would be a good location

and a public garage added here

How will it expand RP: Quality of life for people who spend a lot of time in sandy shores
The reason for the added garage would be just cause the closest garage to the mechanic shop is quite far, where as other mechanic shops all have garages relatively close, just nice for people to be able to park vehicles at after a repair, and the reason for the metal detecting is just a nice QOL update for us sandy folk up here, instead of having to travel to the city to do something we should be able to do out here


I like both ideas. The city has so much support infrastructure, I feel sandy shores deserves the same.

This would be neat to see in the future, I think metal detecting needs a ‘revamp’ as it got practically destroyed when I had to nerf it because of the ways people were abusing it.

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