Reverting The Car Changes And Global Speed Limit

Suggestion: The recent car changes have been very immersion breaking having Super cars Sports Cars Ect, all get ruined a Aston Martin with twin turbo’s and a v12 topping at 80 mph isnt very immersive especially for the people really into cars and racing. It also did not fix the Meta as it was supposed to sadly but instead made the gap between cars even bigger. Cars like the porsche 911 3.3 Turbo not even standing a chance against a lamborghini or most PDM Vehicles. The skill needed to race before has been watered down to whos driving the most Meta car in the city currently. Which mainly seems to come from the weird class system that does not operate properly. It saddens me alot seeing cars in this state as one of the main reasons i myself got into the city was racing and being a mechanic because i love cars. This rework made me enjoy my time in the city alot less personally and i believe alot of people share the same feeling. So i propose a revert to the old cars with some slight adjustments to the Meta cars and a global 200 Mph speed limit. This will keep people from just sending it down legion going 300 But still keep cars immersive and fun.

How will it expand RP: This would greatly increase the quality of races and immersion having cars reach more realistic speeds. Especially with the racing system coming up i think this would greatly increase the fun and rp to be had. I dont think it would be fun for viewers to watch streamers race going 50 Mph or the same PDM car constantly winning. Thus also increasing content immersion and rp to be had in one go with this revert and global speed limit.