Remove Items that no longer have uses

There are a lot of items still in the city that have no use, I will not list any or all of them, as I dont want to Meta any information, but it would be nice to see these items removed. some can be purchased, some can be crafted, but there are things that just dont have a use, or if they do it is a use that is so miniscule or pointless no one knows what there use is. At the same time it would be nice to get some things added that can be used, or make additional uses for some items, that are only really used for Illegal activities (or as RP Props)

It would improve things for the same reason i suggested it. No reason to have items to buy or craft that dont have a use. It was good to see the Hacker Device removed in Git-History… would be nice to see other things removed… and maybe make items have legal uses as well as their crime/illegal uses.