Remove Car Shooting

So when it comes to shootouts between either gangs or cops it is always from the inside of a vehicle. I believe that car shooting has come so over powered because you can just inside your vehicle and have a weapon already equipped and nobody would even know. An example is "you are rolling around in an import that blacks out all of your windows and you could be aiming a pistol at people lining up for headshots without them even knowing you have a gun on you. I think that with removing car shooting from the server it will change all the tactics from when it comes to doing a shootout. It expands RP because since you cant shoot inside a vehicle if you want to shoot at cops you have to have a legit plan so you can step out of the car and get to your spots. On the other with PD when it comes to shootouts this way PD isn’t driving through legion or something like that just shooting to disable a vehicle. Changing where you have to be outside of a vehicle when it comes to shooting would change everyone tactics when it comes to shooting.