Prison Sentence Lengths

I’m going to lead this off with the fact that I don’t do crime and I have no dog in this fight. But I’ve heard of people getting 280 month sentences. Thats over 4.5 hours real time. That’s a lot of time to be held in the penalty box. I’m well aware that in a lot or even most cases, PD does cut time off from that. But even for somebody who received such a sentence and was a total sweetheart to the arresting officers to get his time cut in half, would still be over 2 hours in jail.

I think given the recent announcement about having patience with the PD and building back our PD/Crim relations, I think a step in the right direction would be to decrease the severity of the sentences slightly. I’m not talking about the crims who are just being total dicks and sucking the life and fun out of the entire Police job. Those guys can get shit on. But to encourage crims to be a little nicer to cops and go with the RP of their repercussions, there should definitely be a motivation to do so.

We can rewind the clock back to late 2020 and early 2021 where the PD/Crim relationship was outstanding. Yes, there were a few toxic people back then. But those people never really last long. In short, I think that relationship is similar to a game of ping pong. If the crims are nicer, the cops are nicer. And vice versa. If these crims werent doing the crime, cops would be doing 10-11’s all day and that isnt fun. So they are creating the content for the police, and if they wont have to sit in jail for several real time hours, they might start taking their punishments in stride. Perhaps going heavier on the fines and easier on the months would be a solution.

Just an outside observation from somebody whos been around for awhile and watched the change of tides.

I would argue that there isn’t enough time given in a lot of instances.
Most of the PD officers I am around usually go easy if that person is cooperative.
Remember there is always 2 sides to every story.
If you know someone who doesn’t understand why they were arrested and sentenced the time and fine they received.
That is an RP situation just waiting to happen.

We can rewind the clock back to late 2020 and early 2021 where the PD/Crim relationship was outstanding.

So, you want to go back to higher jail sentencing?
I went to prison back then for about 500+ months.

There is RP that can still be achieved in the prison.
There is always more to every story.

Could there be some changes?
Possibly, yet there could be changes on both sides as well.

People can choose how they want to RP with each other and the police.
It is not a one sided affair.
Asking the police to change is not going to fix the problem you may see.
If people want to RP with the police and do so in a negative way, they will most likely receive negative results.

I’m not saying all police are just with their sentencing, but I am saying this.
You are given every opportunity in the city to roleplay how you like, look for those opportunity.
If you are unsure about what is happened.
Step back and think about how you would have done the situation differently.

This is not about being in the city for a long time.
I could honestly say I have been roleplaying overall for over 8 years, does that mean I know what is best?
No, I do not.
Every experience helps me grow and learn as a role-player.
I try and give myself the opportunity to understand things I could have done different.

I would say look more at how you and the others around you could grow and learn more, rather than looking at how others should change.

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Was a suggestion. Not a debate. Nobody said it was 1 sided. Good crims breed good cops, and vice versa.

This is a suggestion forum, so debate can happen.

It was interesting how you took one thing I said out of the entire post.
All to say, “Nobody said it was 1 sided”.

You’re post was spoken through the eyes of the police doing something for the criminals.
That would be “Lower Prison Sentence” but, you even stated that you don’t do crime.

I have seen and been sentenced several hundreds of months to prison.
I have done several crimes, was I a good criminal or a bad?
It honestly shouldn’t matter because, being a good criminal mean you get away.

If you mean “good criminal” is equal to someone who respects the cops, then I would say that is completely up to the person doing the crime.

If you are a police officer and want to be an asshole to the criminal by shit talking them or whatever.
I’m sure the criminal would react the same but, that is honestly roleplay.
The criminal doesn’t have to react the same.
The criminal can be cool and calm.

I can repeat the same towards the police officer as well.
If the criminal wants to be an asshole, the officer gets to choose their roleplay.
The officer doesn’t have to react the same.
The officer can be cool and calm.

Everyone that plays on the server has to understand that their character isn’t Harry Potter.
What do I mean?

I mean, Harry Potter is the main character in the books and the movies.
Yet, every person knows that Ron and Hermione are characters too.
They may not be the main character but they are there to help as side characters.

When a criminal is involved with police the focus of the roleplay might get confused.
Most criminals as well as some cops might believe they are Harry Potter, when really in that given situation they need to be Ron or Hermione.

So, do good criminals breed good cops?
Do good cops breed good criminals?

You choose how to roleplay.

If you are a criminal and want to give into someone else giving off bad vibes, that is completely on you. Roleplay
If you are a police officer and receive bad vibes, you do not have to react. It is up to you.

So, should the sentence lengths be changed?
I don’t feel they should.
After experiencing both sides right now, jail sentencing seem just right.
There can always be more changes in the future.

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