Police "License plate reader" Suggestion

Suggestion: Some of the imported cars in the city have no visible license plates on them, or you have the option of removing the license plates, or they simply have wrong license plates on them such as the GT-R Liberty-Walk.
Initially I was under the impression that the police wouldn’t be able to identify the owners of those specific cars by reading the license plate which is either not visible or covered up with a wrong license plate but whilst on a bank heist I used my own car which does not have front or rear license plates and one of the cops was asking if I was present at the bank because my car was not reported as a stolen vehicle.

I went down to the Police Department and asked how the police are able to identify the owners of vehicles which do not have license plates on them and they told me that they read the VIN numbers which are on the cars and I personally don’t think that this is realistic because it isn’t always possible to read the VIN number which is on a car or a car could have false VIN numbers on them.

As somebody that mainly plays as a criminal character, I personally think that we are very limited on what cars we get to choose from when we want to do illegal things such as a bank robbery. The main three ways that I can think of on from the top of my head is:

  1. Find a local car which most of the times puts you at a disadvantage because the local cars that you can find within the city are not very balanced and it can also become time consuming to find a decent local car because the car spawns are completely random and it can be hassle to get a local out of their own car.
  2. Try to steal a car from a player via either robbing their keys or lockpicking them
  3. Reporting your own car as stolen which isn’t really the best rp either.

I think that it would be a decent suggestion for the city overall if the police wouldn’t be able to instantly identify the owner of a vehicle if it does not have license plates on it. This could be a temporary change until something such as a way for people to apply fake license plates on their car would be introduced.

How will it expand RP: It would make things more realistic and introduce different ways for people to roleplay if they for example: Get stopped by the police whilst doing something illegal while driving in a vehicle with no license plates. It seems like a healthy change for the city instead of the cops just saying “We read your VIN number and we know who is the owner of the car” which I think kind of seem’s like a powergaming move.


This was a decision we made a while back because there are quite a few cars that don’t have options for license plates/has the wrong license plate, so police are able to tell (even if there is no license plate) what your license plate number is no matter what.

This was done because previously there was a constant back & forth with criminals abusing the fact that their vehicle had no license plate.

Though allowing fake license plates is currently now plausible because of how we currently save our vehicles (previously it would completely break the saving of vehicles). It might be something that could be done in the future, though using imports in robberies (more then they already are) aren’t exactly something we want to encourage.

@AvarianKnight Its understantable since there was no available option and maybe having one in the future would be amazing to use fake plates. Personally me and my guys have been shifting to use local cars for robberies and its really fun . The only down side of it its that the only good cars such as the oracle and the 4 door sultan are really bad in compared to the other police cars and such we have been successful so far but we use a lot of planing . I would like in the future a revisit to the cars and perhaps set them by Tiers and make the speed more balanced and realistic . It would also save a lot of hassle with people going super fast … i believe max around 140 ish would be perfect.

It’s understandable for the cops to be able to read the license plates no matter what if vehicles without license plates were abused, I more or less guessed that that was the reasoning behind the decision of allowing the cops to identify the owners no matter what.

The main reason that I suggested the fake license plates was because of the current balancing of the vehicles within the city, especially the local cars that you find around town, a lot of them don’t really have good handling, acceleration or top speed when compared to the police cars that the police usually show up in when a local car is being used in a robbery (the police Dodge Charger for example).

If introducing fake license plates into the city isn’t something that you want to encourage sense it would probably increase the amounts of imports that would be used for robberies, maybe take a look at balancing the local cars or the police cars that the police are allowed to bring when a local car is being used for robberies.