Pegasus Aircraft Delivery Missions

Aug '22 - Helicopter and Plane deliveries would be much more lucrative if the payout was at least double what it currently is. Reason being, the cost for a license is fairly steep when you consider the low amount you make for deliveries (especially airplanes). I honestly prefer flying the airplanes, and the cost for the rental alone is almost equal to what you make for a full delivery mission. Either the rental fee’s should be dramatically decreased - which I do not recommend - or the payout should be roughly $5k per drop. There should be a significant profit you make from doing this type of job because having the option to fly out adds such a fun layer to the city and gives you variety in making clean money. Flying the airplanes is great RP because youre required to learn the callouts and communicate with air traffic control throughout the process, which isnt exactly easy to do. I believe someone who can successfully acquire a pilots license, perform all necessary callouts and do so while flying well and safely taking off/landing the aircraft is worth much more than it currently pays. Having a city with multiple aircrafts in the sky and creating more of a demand for a pilots license is a great way to expand RP within the city and create an experience that sets it apart from other cities. Biggest thing lacking here is inspiring citizens to actually take part in these missions. Regardless of one’s love for flying (which is what drove me to becoming a pilot) it should also be more rewarding as this is no easy feat.