PDM spreadsheet intrum improvement

Suggestion: #1 can the public purchase price text color (or highlight) be changed so it’s easier to read? #2 I understand future improvements are coming for trunk space but can the spreadsheet be updated with current trunk space until then (at least for bigger vehicles)? Or perhaps that info made easier for dealers to find?

How will it expand RP: It’s been difficult to RP with dealers to try to determine which vehicles have decent trunk space. I want to choose a vehicle best suiting my character’s RP role but short of asking a dealer to list me the trunk space of every vehicle I can’t do that effectively. And to any dealers reading this I’m sorry I don’t want a guardian but thank you for the suggestion.

Trunk space won’t ever be publicly released by the development as it’s not something we want everyone to know as it just encourages ‘meta’ vehicles, instead of just buying vehicles they want.

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Thanks Avarian or whomever updated the colors on the spreadsheet, much easier to read now.