Parachutes Not Working

I have a parachute that is slowly losing durability and eventually will be useless Im guessing… but in the mean time… I used it a couple of hours ago… and now twice since then I have gone to use it, just having some base jumping fun… or trying to and I go into the motion, see it on my back but the chute wont open. Is there some really long extended cool down time on Im just unaware of, or are parachutes a single use (Per time in the city) cause Ive used it before and I used it earlier today… but Im kinda bummed to have to wait for EMS yet again because the parachute wont open. Ill all for RP to find out but aside from jumping off of a tall building every 30 minutes to figure it out and test it… just to die there isnt really a way to RP to find out.

Kind of a bug, but not in the expected way here, parachutes are supposed to be consumed when they’re used no matter what, but currently that only happens client-side (hence you don’t have a actual parachute anymore, but it is in your inventory)

Copy… are there any plans to make parachutes a thing you can find/buy in city even for single use?