Oxy gps disappearing in multiple locations

Description of the Issue: During the oxy job, sometimes in various locations, the gps marker disappears. Going back and switching out cars doesn’t fix it. Disconnecting and coming back doesn’t fix it. Hopping out of the car, disconnecting, then getting back into the car to follow the gps doesn’t fix it either.
Expected Results: You are supposed to be able to hop into the car, follow the gps to the location, get another gps location to a person to get dirty money and possibly oxy from.
Actual Results: When you follow the gps to the location, the gps for the person doesn’t appear. You can change cars multiple times, and it’s possible that it will do the same thing. Sometimes disconnecting and pulling out a car fixes it, but it will last for only three or four stops. It doesn’t seem to be certain locations, but I will double check on that and edit this report.
Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get a car
  2. Follow the marker
  3. The marker will possibly or possibly not lead to a person