Nitrous rework to include flow rate

The Nitrous system is unrealistic, explosions are far less common from collisions (quite rare actually) and entire 50 pound nitrous bottles dont get shot in 2 shots… I am requesting/suggesting to have the nitrous be reworked. I think with where all the cars are at currently in the city a new nitrous system could be a really big compliment to the work we have recently seen to new vehicles. I have seen other city’s with a “flow rate” essentially this uses hit points on the bottle. The higher the flow rate the faster the bottle deteriorates, however with higher flow rate there is also an increase in speed & decrease in handling. This change can lead to multiple new avenues of RP, for example the racing scene will benefit from this as racers can now potentially make races more interesting by entering as an under dog with a properly controllable nitrous button in a car thats outclassed and could cause some interesting upsets. Crims benefit from it as it can lead to non meta cars that may not be as fast being used more confidently and commonly. I think adding a flow rate could add a lot of diversity to the city as a whole and I think we would see more variety in vehicles used in every aspect, races, chases being the main benefactor. my final kicker for this argument is nitrous exploding the vehicle when something is touched is extremely unrealistic and immersion breaking, having a realistic nitrous system will have positive affects on the city without a doubt in my mind. I would like to stress that I am not asking for a buff to nitrous actually I think it could stand to have a bit of a nerf if this system was implemented (price increase as well performance decrease if this is needed to balance), I know the city is a balancing act but eventually the scales get tipped to one side or the other while trying to maintain balance between criminal civilian and PD life. This is a change I would love to see in the city and do hope to see it. If I can be of any sort of help please reach out :slight_smile: