NEW Warehouse Job Option | Order Picking + Driving

Has anyone else thought about this? :thinking:

As a warehouse manager in the Metaverse, I have over 5+ years of experience in today’s $34B warehousing industry. Everything you order online was picked and shipped from a warehouse! It’s a simple, yet complex job with several opportunities for growth and expansion in all aspects. Luckily, most of the games basic functions are applicable for this industry. In this totally-not-boring article I’ll be pointing out possible job titles, functions, pay scales, and locations.

1. Job Titles: Job titles are key when outlining the ranks of any warehouse.

Order Pickers are typically responsible for selecting orders from warehouse shelves and loading multiple products on the trucks to be delivered by Drivers. They report directly to Supervisors and the Manager.

Drivers are responsible for driving trucks to deliver products to businesses and storefronts. (Must have a valid in-game driver’s license) They also report directly to Supervisors and the Manager.

Supervisors are responsible for making sure Order Pickers are picking and loading both effectively and efficiently. They ensure Drivers are arriving and departing the facility safely and swiftly. They are also a big help to new employees who may need help and must fulfill Order Picker duties as needed. They report directly to the Manager.

Managers are responsible for overseeing their entire warehouse’s daily operations. There can be one manager per warehouse location. They will work exclusively in the office and must evaluate employee performance, approve employee promotions, and aim to maximize profits. They only report directly to the government.

2. Functions: Here’s how we can make it work.

Players can visit the Job Center and select Order Picker. They can now go to a Warehouse Marker on the map and clock in at the door (similar to the Lumberjack function) to be transported into a warehouse interior. (My theory is that transporting will reduce lag in comparison to an open interior such as Pillbox Hospital, but I could be entirely wrong)

They will be tasked (timed if possible) with picking multiple products from yellow markers in front of the shelves and placing the products at the overhead door for drivers to deliver. This can work similar to how Lumberjacks pick up wood at one marker and drop off at another. They must pick up to 50 packages per shelf at 8 shelves to deliver 400 packages at the overhead door before receiving payout. Each payout can come with a small bonus for staying above a certain time limit. Each payout also comes with a 30 second to 1 minute cooldown to prevent breaking any RP labor laws hehe.

Alternatively, players can also visit the Job Center and select Driver. They can go to a Warehouse Marker on the map and clock in at a marker outside the facility before spawning into their delivery truck. (Box truck or trailer not sure which would be best honestly) This can also work similar to the Lumberjack functions by deducting a deposit until the vehicle is returned after completing all deliveries. (You can tell I’ve done a lot of Lumberjacking by now…)

The deliveries will not be in real-time meaning the Driver will not be delivering the exact products picked, but will rather be delivering products that are preloaded onto the trucks. (Hopefully this is possible and won’t cause a spike in lag) The Driver will then be prompted to deliver 50 packages at each marked business and storefront across the map totaling at 8 locations. (Hopefully these runs can be timed as well for bonuses)

Supervisor positions are only offered to proven Order Pickers or Drivers and are approved by the Manager at their warehouse location. Order Pickers and Drivers can work at any warehouse location they like, but must be consistent over time to become a Supervisor at only one location. Supervisors can complete and coach picking and driving tasks. (Only Supervisors can do both)

Managers will be at their desk most of the time and can use their computer to access their warehouse’s employee database. The database will keep a log of all employees who clocked in and out of the warehouse, their times, wages, and progression towards pay increase and promotion. (Maybe an option to buy necessary warehouse equipment over time to balance out earnings and simulate overhead costs) They’ll have to pay their employees using the profits they generate from completed picking and driving tasks.

Side Note: Again the point of everything being timed is that it comes with a pay bonus for incentive to work (so it’s not completely boring) and makes players more likely to get promoted from Order Picker or Driver to Supervisor.

If possible to be tracked over time, completing tasks timely will result in pay increase and eventually promotion bringing me to my next topic.

3. Pay Scales: How much and how often players will get paid.

Order Pickers may be paid $20 per package to start and must load 400 packages at the door totaling at $8000 per payout with a 30 second to 1 minute cooldown, again to prevent exploitation. May receive a $100-$200 bonus for good timing.

Drivers may be paid $30 per package to start and must unload 400 packages at all business locations marked on the map totaling at $12000 per delivery. May also receive a $1000-$2000 bonus for good timing.

Supervisors may be paid $50 per package to start when order picking and $60 to start when delivering as they are allowed to complete both tasks.

These “per package” rates increase by $5 every time a player successfully completes 10 payout cycles. (If it’s even possible to track that… I really hope so)

Order Pickers will cap out (be maxed out) at $45 per package

Drivers will cap out at $55 per package

Supervisors will cap out at $75 per package when order picking and $85 when delivering.

Managers have virtually unlimited earning capability as they generate profits from their employees.

4. Locations: Where are the warehouses and storefronts?

I don’t know every single warehouse location on the map, but this GTA Wiki page has a lot of info regarding online locations and possible interior layouts:

(Sorry if we can’t post links this is the best website I could reference)

Delivery locations can include any supermarkets, depots, plazas, gas stations or liquor stores.

THAT’S IT! I’ve covered almost everything by now.

Each player would be given a complete guide or “Employee Handbook” paraphrasing pretty much this entire article for reference so they have decent job knowledge to start.

Question: How will this idea/feature help expand the RP of multiple players?

Awesome answer: This idea will give players a realistic job opportunity to earn money with limited training in multiple locations across the map. It’s also packed with incentives and opportunities to grow within the industry to keep players from feeling stagnant with their current occupations. Again, I’ve worked in the industry myself for 5+ years in the Metaverse so for me this new addition is as REAL as it gets!

Well thanks for reading through. Let me know what you guys think about this suggestion. Leaving a like is greatly appreciated to help bring attention and awareness to this proposal. :grin:

Another suggestion that would directly tie into this would be a revamped online marketplace (auction site) similar to eB** or Ama*** in the Metaverse. There players can use their laptops or a phone app to buy and sell goods virtually and receive products via warehouse distribution. I will make another more thorough suggestion further highlighting this synergy at a later date.