New Rolling paper

right now we are calling “joints” blunts but i was wondering if i could actually make a blunt that could be a mini game to roll them just like breaking down weed for people in the city. It could open up selling just buds and or selling a new rolling paper thats actually blunts. my goal is to give people a chance to roll there own “blunts” that we could sell them or craft for them. if they actually hit the mini game the most it would give them is two “pre rolled” blunts. you would have to have weed and “blunts” in your pockets to do the mini game by pressing the blunt to active it. the packaging would look like this with possible different flavors and the blunts would look like this after being rolled. off topic could it be such a thing where if u have this and use it that you could flex on players to give it to them, almost like how you sell to locals?