New Justice System

Suggestion: Well i feel like the Cops should not be the 1s deciding how long your sentence is. Also, should add a bail system with a bail bond company. If u plead not Guity you should get a set bail that you have to pay in order to stay out of jail. Have set court dates for those people out on bail. All in all, the cops shouldn’t be setting the fines or the sentence. (Nor the bail but seems to be reasonable)
How will it expand RP: This would make it more realistic and provide more reason for lawyers. Right now, people have to sit in jail/prison no matter what they plead. Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a much need for attorneys bc y plead not guilty? Pleading guilty most times they drop your fine and sentence a little. Would seem more likely to just plead guilty unless u want a clear record then u can do the time for something u “didn’t do”.


The reason we have it so that you get sent to jail no matter what is because of the High-risk high-reward accountability factor.
Once you get caught by police; you are caught.
There is no doubt in my mind that if criminals could plead not guilty to avoid jailtime-this would be their only plea and would make it so that DoC hardly gets any inmates. We need to think about DoC and their RP as well.
This would also remove the player’s “cooldown” aspect of going to jail. Cops are dependent on criminals going to jail; they jump from scene-to-scene-to-scene. This will burn out our cop players a lot if criminals had ways to avoid jail time once they’re caught.

Currently, if a player pleads not guilty, they have the opportunity to fight their charges in court if they have been wrongfully changed and will gain monetary compensation from the police department if they win.

I hope this helps to answer your concerns!

this would add another layer to the city and make it so much more dynamic. a judicial system with attorneys, judges, and even possibly a jury system would be so awesome. I hope admins can make this happen it would make this city so much more realistic and give it a wide range of RP scenarios.


This woud allow for the opportunity to have Bounty Hunters or Deputized players. They would collect a reward or bounty for bringing in someone who has skipped bail or skipped a hearing. Would add for interesting RP and multiple layers of immersion.

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