NEW Drug Selling (Reputation Based)


Change to the Drug Selling Systems-

-Implement a Skill Check System (similar to the weed leaves/soft cuffs/carry)

-Level up through skill checks earn reputation

-Selling to locals starts a skill check if you pass the check you sell the drugs and gain experience (Reputation)

-Reputation gives you a chance to receive more money through drug sells.

**How it expands RP:

-Create a reason for citizens/crims to constantly sell drugs to locals.

-Allow citizens/crims look to people who are experienced at selling to earn more money.

-Give crims a system to challenge the sell of drugs to locals

-Reputation earned can be something to challenge people and create drug selling rings.

-Selling drugs constantly creates RP if it is in another gangs territory.

-Allow the people to actually sell the drug rather than walking up to the local press (E) and wait to see if it is accepted or denied.

This is something Passive for Crims and Civs.

Something that can easily be copy and pasted code.

The code for the level up system is already there with the weed leaves.
This would just be an additive to that same system but with selling instead of dealing.