Needing a PD rework

Suggestion: I have been reading about the different suggestions, and something keeps coming up. there are a lot of problems with PD. In the city, I have even had many problems with PD. I understand the full PD being on a powertrip can always be helped, and there are still really good and nice officers. Sadly a lot of them ruin it for people. I have seen officers fully escalate situations just for an arrest it feels and even some officers hitting me (or force me to hit them) in a car collision and breaking the law and then blaming me for it. I feel that we need some staff to just kinda remake it and I’ve already seen work being done. But it just needs a new rework.
How will it expand RP: It will make people be less asshole-ish to PD and start to actually trust them. It will allow people to feel that punishments are fair and it will keep police being on at least most of the city’s shit list and allow them to be able to be out and about without a problem.

If you believe that there has been a rule break - please report it to staff. PD is in no way immune; officers can get punished and banned for rule breaks, just like any other player can.

If you have any issues with a police officer in the city, you need to either contact their higherups in PD or sue the police department for what they’ve done -or lack of what they’ve done. There are many ways to roleplay this out. If a cop gets sued they’ll lose a lot of money and will be a hard-hitting economic punishment. Hey, if they even committed a crime and it can be proven in court that officer can get arrested for corruption which will lead to them losing their job and going to jail.
“Asshole” Officers won’t change unless someone holds them accountable in RP.